How to layer your skincare?

How to layer your skincare?

Hi loves, I am here again to make some order in your skincare routine. Why using each layer? How will you benefit from it? How to layer and use the products?

The answers are all here… 

The rule of thumb in layering your skin care is going from thin to thick.

A cleanser will always be the first to apply because we want to clean the skin from makeup/ dirt/ oil or other creams residues before we apply new layers of skincare products. 

These dirt / makeup and sebum residues can cause a build up of dead skin and clog the pores, resulting in skin inflammation and breakouts and even acne.  

So don’t skip this phase, always clean your skin. 

Second layer will be a toner, if you use one. Toners remove the last traces of dirt and impurities that the face wash might have missed.They also restore the skin's pH level and oil production and have so much more benefits to our skin (and they are usually inexpensive too). I usually use my Rose- Aloe-Vender toner daily and the exfoliating toner twice weekly at night. Exfoliating toners help to remove dead skin cells and keep the pores open and breathing.  

Third layer is the serum. A great tip for Hyaluronic Acid serums- wet your fingertips before applying the serum. The Hyaluronic acid needs moisture to lock it inside the skin. Water is the best form of hydration so if you apply the serum on a damp skin or fingertips, you will get better results and you will need less drops so your serum will last longer. It’s a win-win. 

The Fourth layer is the eye cream- and please, do not skip an eye cream, even if you are in your twenties and don’t have under eye bags, wrinkles or dark circles. The skin under our eyes has NO sebum glands and it’s the thinnest skin in our body so it tends to dry first and give us the tired look we dislike so much. Nobody wants to look tired, it's just not appealing and makes us look older than our age. So no skipping an eye cream. 

Fifth layer, if you use it, is the moisturizer. I personally use moisturizer on my AM PM routine only in the winter and in the summer I use it only at night. My skin is super oily so it works the best for me this way. But if you use a moisturizer, this is the time to apply it. 

Last and most important layer for our skin’s health- the sunscreen! There are products on the market that add the sunscreen into the moisturizer so it can save you a layer and maybe even some bucks. If you have oily skin then buy oil free sunscreen that won’t cause you to breakout. 

Whatever you do- do not skip the sunscreen. Our skin is our biggest organ and the first defence mechanism of our body. Please treat it nicely and protect it from the sun rays. 

So my dears, I hope I managed to give you some clarity regarding layering your skincare. Eventually, you don’t have to use all the layers if you feel that your skin doesn’t like it but please do not skip the cleanser and the sunscreen and some form of a moisturizer/serum to nourish your skin. And drink tons of water 

Sincerely yours, 


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