Dana Shaked, a woman, wife, and mother of two happy boys, started Herbalink Skincare looking for solutions in her own personal agenda. As a herbalist herself, Dana faced many issues with modern toxic skincare. After failing to find a solution, she created one herself. 

Dana's mission was to create a pure, natural, healthy line with the most nourishing ingredients possible. 

My son and I have a skin condition called atopic dermatitis (asthma of the skin), we also have a chromosome condition called G6PD Deficiency that limits our consumption of legumes, soy, synthetic ingredients, green and black tea, and other ingredients that are very common in most supplements, medications, and skincare products. For us, finding products that are clean from toxins we can’t intake has been ultimately impossible. 

When my son was born he suffered tremendously from dermatitis. His small body was covered with big wounds that looked like burns. I would wash my son with oils for 2 years and soap was the biggest enemy. Even the most gentle soap would make his skin worse. After a pediatrician prescribed him steroids, I decided to give it a try and treat it myself. I've always been a big believer in the power of nature to heal us and now was the time to stand for my beliefs. 

I started a herbalist course and studied some great tincture and infusion techniques. I infused herbs in oils and made a healing ointment for my son's burns. I would apply it on his gentle skin every day, sometimes twice a day, and after two weeks his skin got cleared. The wounds were gone. (The ointment is the Bruise-ease one in my products) 

I was eager to help more people so I took an organic skincare formulation course and made a natural soap that for once, didn’t burn my son’s skin. I continued to formulate products for my own skin (I had hormonal acne) and for my friend's needs. The results were amazing and the rumor of my products started to spread. Without planning, I started selling products to people and felt my heart getting bigger with every good feedback. Helping kids, teenagers and adults manage their skin conditions is so satisfying and every success means the world to me.

My job is my mission in this world and my mission is to create safe and effective beauty products that will keep our skin and body clean and healthy.